Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Peeps Vase for Easter

Are you almost done with your Easter decorations? Maybe you needed one more décor piece to pull everything together? We have this great quick and easy craft that will bring sunshine to any room in your house. And the kids will have their eyes on it so you'd better watch them!

DIY Peep Vase for an Easter Decoration

Not only are “Peeps” a sweet treat, they are also a fun and colorful craft component.

Simply choose a vase, fill half of it with your favorite candy (we used Jelly Beans), add your silk flower bouquet - hold them in the center to allow you to line the inside of the vase with the Peeps. Let go of the bouquet and adjust the placement of the flower stems.

Tip of the day…This project is best if the Peeps are stale. Let sit out and air dry overnight.

Add a beautiful bow to your Peep Vase and display!

The final touch will be to add a beautiful bow to your Peep Vase! It's now ready to display!

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