Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy DIY Easter Fabric Bunny

This is a fast and easy sewing project that everyone loves!  The novice and advanced seamstress will enjoy creating this bunny. Choose a fun cotton pattern or soft, plush fabric.  Make one, or make a basket full to display during the Easter season.

DIY Easy Easter Fabric Bunny

 Here are the supplies you'll need:
• Fabric (2 pieces approximately 8" x 6" wide) remnants work great
• Ribbon for Bow, approximately 8" - 10" long
• Pillow Stuffing
Print the Bunny Pattern HERE

Let's get started...
1. Put together two pieces of fabric with right sides facing each other. Place these 2 pieces of fabric on your pattern and pin so it doesn't move. Cut 1/4 inch larger than the pattern. This will be used for the seam allowance. Cut through all layers. (If you want your bunny to be larger, place the pattern on a large piece of paper and just draw a slightly larger outline.)

bunny pattern

2. With your fabric pieces right sides together, stitch the fabric bunny pieces together with your sewing machine (or by hand if you prefer a rustic look). Leave a two inch opening to stuff the bunny. Turn fabric right side out. Fill the bunny with stuffing. Stitch the opening closed by hand with a needle and thread.

3. Your final step is to tie a ribbon bow on the neck of the bunny. The kids will love these adorable bunnies!

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