Friday, March 30, 2012

How to: Sunshine Canvas Craft

This would make a wonderful gift for a friend or neighbor. We like the softness added by using felt for the flowers and the grass.  

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity" - Joseph Addison
 If you aren't able to find a small picket fence you can make one from popsicle sticks or balsa wood. For more project ideas like this one, visit our Project Gallery here or our video tutorials here.

Canvas, 12"x12"
Patterned Paper, 12x12
Acrylic Craft Paint and Brush
Picket Fence
Felt Flowers
Vinyl Saying
Felt Grass Strip (or felt panels to cut your own grass)
Double sided tape
E6000 glue

Directions 1. Paint the edges of your canvas and picket fence. Let dry.
2. Tape your patterned paper to the canvas.
3. Glue on your picket fence onto the canvas.
4. Glue your flowers onto the fence.
5. Cut out your grass strips out of the felt and glue along the bottom of your fence.
6. Apply your vinyl saying to the top half of the canvas.

If you have access to a die-cut machine it's a great way to make quick work when cutting felt. Here's a quick video where Bonnie shows us how to use our Grande Mark die-cut machines.

We offer free use of our die-cut machines in the store,
just make sure your materials are pre-paid.
Learn more about this free service here.


  1. I love this little canvas! Cutting the grass out ofthe felt is a great touch. I also like that you can use a double sided tape to adhere the paper!!

  2. This kind of a gift may just be simple but we'll never know how special this will become for the one we love... it's so cute..

    1. Very true! Handmade gifts often have a special place in our hearts.