Sunday, March 9, 2014

DIY Shabby Chic Mason Jar Vase

Billy Jo, from our Ben Franklin store in Bonney Lake, WA, made this great shabby chic vase from a mason jar.  This is an easy project that you can finish in an afternoon and display by dinner time!

Quart Mason Jar
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Turquoise Acrylic Paint
Silk Flowers

painted mason jar

1. Pour turquoise paint into the inside of the mason jar. Swirl around until the
inside is completely coated. Allow paint to dry.
2. Paint the outside of the jar with yellow acrylic paint using a paintbrush.
3. Allow paint to dry.
4. Using a fine grade piece of sandpaper, slowly sand off paint from letters,
bottom and sides so that the turquoise paint shows through. If you feel you
have sanded too much, you can repaint with yellow acrylic paint and try again.
5. Place flowers in jar.

Your new vase is ready to display.

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