Friday, May 18, 2012

Talking Crafts with Becky Layson of Enchanted Creations

Today’s Talking Crafts guest is Becky Layson, of Enchanted Creations; a darling Etsy shop for little girl hair accessories. She’s a do-it-yourself, crafty kind of gal who is always trying new things. She started making hair bows and headbands after her first daughter was born. One thing led to another and now she has a great little side business that’s making a lot of little Princesses very happy!

Apart from creating adorable accessories, what do you do?
I love scrapbooking, baking, gardening and watching movies (especially Disney and Musicals!).

One project you are particularly proud of?

My Rainbow Korker Bows have been very popular.  Everyone loves when Savanna wears her rainbow leggings with her matching Korkers!

Rainbow Piggy Pair Korker Bows

A mistake you have made in the past?
I believe every "mistake" is a stepping stone to your ultimate goal.  If I cut a piece of ribbon too short, I use it for something else. I don't think of my not-so-chic bows as mistakes, it’s all trial and error in crafting!  

Two things that make your work unique:
I love using scraps of materials or ribbon to come up with something completely different.  I try to stay ahead of the trends by coming up with new color schemes to old designs or mixing materials. 

Butterfly Hair Clip

Tools you love to use:
I LOVE my wood burning tool for cutting and heat sealing ribbon. It has made life so much easier and my fingers also thank me! I also love my hot fix rhinestone tool, it is the handiest little thing to attach the bling!

Three inspirations:
1.   My daughters for sure, I don't think I would have pursued this craft if I didn't have my 2 little girls!

2.   Etsy!  I love looking at all of the fun things people come up with for some inspiration!

3.   Pinterest, my newest addiction. All I have to do is look at the latest fashions, color schemes, fabric styles and I know what I will be creating to go along with them!
Becky with her daughters, Natalee and Savanna

What does Handmade mean to you?
Handmade is taking an idea you get and bringing it to life.  If I see something I like, I find a way to make it using my own methods.

See what Becky is making and items she's adding to her shop by following her on facebook.

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