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DIY: Metal Star Photo Collage

The rustic metal star offers such a creative surface to display photos. What a beautiful gift this STAR PHOTO COLLAGE would be for a wedding anniversary! Scroll down for the tutorial and to see more projects.

DIY Metal Star Photo Collage

DIY Metal Star Photo Collage

 Here's what you'll need to create a basic star photo collage...
• Tin Rustic Star
• Cardstock
• Photos that will fit the surface of your star sections
• Patterned Scrapbook Paper
• Mod Podge Rocks
• Foam Brush
• Embellishments
• Glue
• Tools: Paper Trimmer, Ruler, Pencil and Scissors

Let's get started...
As we mentioned earlier, this tutorial is to give you an idea of how to put this project together. You can modify the look by simply changing the shapes of your pictures and paper pieces.

1. Select your paper so it matches your photos and theme. Make sure your pictures are big enough, but not too big. It needs to fit the star sections.

2. Trace a template using cardstock of one section of the star and cut it 1/4 in. smaller to allow the metal to show as a border for each photo and paper pieces. Each point of the star will have 2 templates - one for each side of the point. In this project, we cut the 2 templates in half to allow for more options for photos and paper. Use your templates to cut your paper and pictures.

3. Use Mod Podge Rocks! to adhere your paper and pictures to the star. Start by brushing a coat on the back of your paper and photos, and then a coat on the star. Do one section at a time so it doesn't dry before you have time to position your paper/photos. Apply your paper/photos to the star while still wet. Smooth out any bubbles with your fingers, or Popsicle stick. Repeat this step for each section of your star.

4. Once it's completely dry, brush a coat of Mod Podge Rocks to the entire star to seal it.

5. We glued flowers and bead strings to embellish our star.

Here are more inspirations:

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