Thursday, April 3, 2014

Create a COUNTDOWN TO EASTER Magnet Frame

Did you realize that Easter is just a few days away? What better way to keep track than with this "Countdown to Easter" Magnetic Frame! The kids will love to open each egg to discover the sweet treasures tucked inside! 

Here's what you'll need. All these supplies are available at our Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop store in Monroe, WA:

1- 12" x 12" White Frame
1- 12" x 12" Magnetic Metal Sheet
1- Pack of Plastic Eggs (12 count)
1- Easter Countdown Vinyl (see how easy it is to install)
1- Ribbon
1- Pack of Magnets (quantity of 12)
1- E6000
1- Scissors

Supplies: metal sheet, frame, plastic eggs.

Let's get started...

1. If your 12" x 12" frame has a glass top, remove the glass and replace it with the 12" x 12" magnetic sheet. Before gluing it down, cut your decorative ribbon and adhere it down to the back of the magnetic sheet. Once the ribbon is dry, glue the metal sheet securely to the frame using your E6000 glue. Tip: Use weights to hold down the four corners of the metal sheet while drying. It will help keep the metal and the glue together while it dries.

2. Open the pack of plastic eggs and stick the vinyl numbers on the top portion of each Easter egg. (1-12). Next, lay your magnets out far enough from each other so they don't stick to one another. Put a small drop of E6000 on each magnet and allow the glue to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Now you can place the bottom portion of each plastic egg onto each magnet. It should stick nicely. Once that's completely dry add the eggs to your magnet board.

3. Now you are ready to add your "Countdown to Easter" Vinyl to the top portion of the metal sheet. Peel the backing paper away from the quote. Place your quote on the metal sheet. Using a hand towel or stiff cardboard, carefully press any air bubbles out from underneath the words. Carefully peel back the transfer tape. This will leave the quote on your surface. Click here to learn more.

Vinyl "Countdown to Easter"

It would be fun to have the kids help you put the treats inside the eggs. Or maybe not! They could end up empty! You'll have to keep an eye on them!

"Countdown to Easter" Magnetic Frame
Hope you enjoyed this project, we sure did! For more craft projects, visit our Project Gallery HERE.

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