Friday, March 8, 2013

How to: Yo-Yo Easter Eggs

This month is going to go so quickly! Easter is the last Sunday, March 31st. We have just over three weeks to get some fantastic Easter crafting done. Here's a tutorial for making yo-yo covered Easter eggs that Margaret put together to share.

  • Clover YoYo Maker — Size Large
  • 30" Fabric
  • Pearlized Pins
  • Sequin Pins
  • Trims of Your Choice (ie: Rick-Rack, Ribbon)
  • 6" Styro Foam Egg

  1. Prepare fabric for Yo-yos', by cutting (6) 5" strips of fabric 
  2. Sub-Cut strips into (40) 5" squares.
  3. Following Clover Yo-yo directions, make (40) Yo-yos.
  4. Attach Yo-yos to styro foam egg, by pinning through the center of Yoyos using the pearlized pins. Completely cover the one egg in Yo-yos.
  5. Using small sequin pins, pin down the edges of Yo-yos so that they lie flat. 
  6. Embellish your egg, using trims of your choice. We used large rick-rack. Ribbons would also work well.

Happy Easter Crafting!!

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