Friday, March 4, 2016

27 CRAFT Tips & Tricks

We'd like to share with you some great tips that could save you time and effort while doing the thing you love the most, crafting! We have compiled some great tips from multiple sources including Cre8time.

• To reposition a hot-glued item, warm the glue with a heat embossing gun (or hair dryer put on the low setting) and then it will come loose.

• Coat Spanish moss lightly with white glue and place it where you want it. The glue sticks it into place and dries clear.

• Always store your ink pads flat and with the ink side down. This will keep them moist for better stamping.

• Remove little "fuzzies" and bumps after your basecoat has dried by "sanding" your surface with a brown paper bag.

• For an energetic look to your scrapbooking page, tilt your photos slightly to create "movement".

• Wrap ribbons around your focal-point photo on your scrapbook page to add emphasis.

• Lubricate craft punches before using them by punching wax paper.

• Keep your sterling silver and silver plated beads and jewelry in a zip lock bag to prevent tarnishing.

• For a wide variety of fun shapes, press metal cookie cutters into a 1/2" thick sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Gently remove the shape from the cutter, "sand" any rough edges with another piece of foam, and you're done. Dip your shape in paint and stamp out greeting cards and wrapping paper; or, use the shape to decorate a Christmas tree, garland or wreath.

• Always wash and dry cotton fabrics before sewing them. They'll shrink in the wash and if you sew them first, they'll get distorted.

• For cake decorating, use a thin layer of frosting under fondant to help it stick to the cake. If you're placing white fondant on chocolate cake, use a white frosting under the fondant so that the cake does not show through.

• Store your markers horizontally instead of upright. This will keep gravity from making the ink ooze out the tip.

• Use a lint roller for a quick & easy way to clean up those glitter spills!

• Do not leave a paint brush sitting in water. The bristles will act like a wick, drawing water up underneath the ferrule and will eventually dissolve the glue that holds the brush together.

• Place bottles of paint in a file cabinet turning the bottle upside down so you can see the colors.

• Use plastic party table covers for messy crafts. They protect better than newspaper and can be used more than once.

• Use toothpicks to apply expensive brand name glue. You will never put too much on your project and more will stay in the bottle.

• Think of household items to use when faux finishing...a feather duster makes a beautiful pattern, and crumpled up cellophane can create a marble effect.

• Glue sticks are safe, clean and easy to handle by small fingers.

• Spread just a hint of color by dry brushing with old paintbrushes.

• Pipecleaners should be cut using wire cutters - You may damage your scissors if they are used to cut pipecleaners or any type of wire.

• To clean rubber stamps use baby wipes immediately after stamping. Baby wipes are already acid-free and gentle.

• Store bottles of glue upside down in jars. That way it is always ready to go without waiting.

• When painting on glass be sure to prep the surface first by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any oils on the surface that might keep the paint from sticking to the glass. And after you clean it be sure not to touch the surface as this will transfer oils from your hands.

• Heat from a blow drier causes strings of hot glue to disintegrate immediately.

• When spray painting a small item on all sides, place it on a lazy susan covered with plastic or newspaper. Simply spin the lazy susan with one hand while you spray paint with the other.

• Keep a tape roller next to your sewing machine to pick up stray threads from pants, projects, and your work table.

If you have other tips you'd like to share with us, don't hesitate to leave us a note in the comment box below.  HAPPY CRAFTING!

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