Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY Ocean in a Shadow Box

What a great way to declare your love to someone special! The vinyl "If you ever want to know how much I love you, Count the Waves" says it all.

This craft project is so easy! Anyone can do it! Here's what you'll need...

• 12" x 12" Shadow Box
• Self-Adhesive Vinyl Quote
• 1 Sheet of Paper called "Sandcastle" by BoBunny (this is part of the BOARDWALK paper collection - Learn more here).
• Sand, shells and special rocks
• Mod Podge Glue
All supplies are available at our Ben Franklin Crafts store in Monroe, WA.

NOTE: We offer custom-cut vinyl, so you can have this quote be whatever message you want. For more information about our Vinyl Cutting Services, call us at 360-794-6745 and ask for the Imaging Center.

Let's get started...
1. Pop off the back board of the shadow box to open it up. Clean the inside and outside of the glass before you do anything else. This will be much easier to do before you put anything inside.

2. Adhere the self-adhesive vinyl quote to the front of the glass. Click here for some simple instructions on how to apply vinyl.

3. Glue the sheet of paper to the front of the board that you removed earlier. We used Mod Podge Glue to do that. Click here for simple instructions on how to use Mod Podge Glue. Make sure you glue it to the right side of the back piece. This paper should show through the inside of the box.

Sandcastle Paper (part of the Boardwalk BoBunny Paper Collection)

4. Before you put the back board into place, add the sand, rocks, shells inside the shadow box. It will be a little tricky to put the board back on the box without losing a bit of the sand. We suggest putting everything inside, placed as close to where you want it as possible and as close to the glass as possible. Then put the bottom of the board in with the brackets. Use a long knitting needle or something long and thin to slide inside the top part before closing the back completely. With the needle, move the items as needed. Once done, close the back completely by using the top brackets.

5. Place your new art piece on a shelf - out of reach as much as possible. You'll want to be very careful when moving it because you don't want the sand and items inside to shift too much.

We hope you liked this project. The BoBunny Boardwalk Paper is so versatile, you can make many crafts, scrapbook pages and cards with it! Learn more here. Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to come see us at the store. We'll be happy to help you find the supplies you'll need to make this project! Or you can always call us at 360-794-6745.

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