Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Valentine Crystal Heart Bracelet

Looking for a bracelet that would fit your Valentine's Day outfit? This Heart-Shaped Bracelet would be perfect.

Crystal Heart Bracelet

- 36” - .012 Beadalon Nylon Coated Wire
- 1 Magnetic Clasp
- 2” Safety Chain
- 2-2mm Crimp Tubes
- 2 color 4mm Crystals - 42 of each color (more crystals needed for bracelets larger than 7”)
- Seed Beads - size 1 1/0
- Crimping Tool
- Wire Cutter
- 2 Wire Guardians
- 2-4mm Jump Rings
- 2 Crimp Covers

1. String Wire Guardian to center of beading wire. Add one half of magnetic clasp. Bring both ends of wire together, string a crimp bead. Slide crimp all the way to Wire Guardian (leave enough room for crimp cover), crimp. Cover with crimp cover.

2. On each wire string; 4 seed beads. Cross wires into crystal (color #1).

3. String on each wire, 1 crystal (color #2) and cross into a crystal (color #1).

4. String on each wire, 1 crystal (color #1) and cross into a crystal (color #2).
5. Repeat these steps until you reach desired length (keep in mind that the clasp and seed beads will add to length). 

6. After you cross into the last crystal, string 4 seed beads on each wire.

7. Bring both wires together, string a crimp. String one wire through a Wire Guardian, then string other half of clasp onto Wire Guardian and go back through the crimp bead. Crimp with crimping tool and cover with crimp cover. Trim extra wires.

Using a 4mm jump ring, attach one side of the 2" chain to Wire Guardian. Repeat for other side.

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