Friday, April 10, 2015

DMC "Top This" Animal Yarn Hat Kits

In less then 2 hours you can knit (or crochet) one of these whimsical hats that kids will be very proud of wearing!

These fun animal yarn kits by DMC include the yarn to make a hat, an animal bobble for the top of the hat and the super easy knitting instructions! We have several animal styles to choose from.

The yarn comes in a continuous mix of textures and colors which makes it easy and quick to knit since you don't need to change colors.

Here are a few of the ones we carry. Come in while our selection is at its best! These are flying off the shelves!

Knit an animal yarn hat for your kids!
DMC "Top This" Animal Yarn Hats

DMC "Top This" Giraffe Yarn Hat
DMC "Top This" Monkey Yarn Hat

DMC "Top This" Puppy Yarn Hat

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  3. How do you add the animal topper?
    The instructions are not very clear.
    Many thanks

    1. Let me check with our Needle Art expert. I'll get back to you as soon as I get an answer. ~ Brigitte

    2. Look inside the label and you should find a foam piece glued to the inside. This foam piece will have two holes in it....they may or may not be punched out...if they are not make sure you punch them out. Then put the foam piece inside the hat at the very top....Then find the two ribbons that are attached to the animal head...ONE AT A TIME thread the ribbon through a large eye needle and through the top of the hat to the inside of the hat, once inside the hat run the needle through one of the holes in the foam piece. Repeat this action with the second ribbon from the head, being sure to run the second ribbon through the second whole in the foam piece. Once both ribbons are through the holes....proceed to tie a knot with both ribbons, and this will attach the animal head to the had securely.