Monday, August 13, 2012

How to: Luxe Paper Lantern

Don't you love the look of designer handmade papers? You know the ones. Screen printed, metallic inks, linen texture... in a word: luxurious. We ordered some papers from Shizen Designs. They are lovely!

Shizen Designs Handmade Papers, 22"x30"

Luxe Paper Lantern crafted by Tracey

Tracey made this paper lantern using embroidery hoops, some glue and a single sheet of Shizen Paper. Here are the instructions:

  • 1 Sheet of Shizen Designer Paper, 22"x30"
  • 2 - Wood Embroidery Hoops, 9"
  • Fast Grab tacky Glue
  • 1 1/2" yards of cording (jute, leather, chain, ect.)
  • Optional: One String of Craft Lights & Floral Wire

  1. Disassemble the embroidery hoops, and set the outer hoops aside.
  2. Run a bead of glue around the outside of one of the inner hoops, lay flat on your work surface. Holding the paper upright, take the long edge (30”) and wrap it around the outside of the hoop, decorative side facing out. You should have about 1” of overlap. Straighten the paper and hold in place while the glue dries, approx. 1 minute.
  3. Turn the lantern over and repeat step two using the remaining inner hoop. Be sure that the paper seam is pulled taught to avoid any puckering of the paper. When the paper is straight, glue the seam together.
  4. Decide which end will be the top of the lantern. Cut three 18” lengths of cord and tie the ends (evenly spaced) to an outer hoop. Knot the remaining ends of the cord together. Secure with glue.
  5. Attach the outer hoops to each of the ends of the lantern. For added security, you may wish to glue these in place as well.

    Optional: We decided to suspend a string of craft lights from our lantern. We used two lengths of floral wire twisted into an "X" shape and attached the ends to the outer hoop. This was sturdy enough for us to drape the string of lights over it. Depending on how heavy your lights are, you may need to use a heavier wire. 

Here are some of the *40* paper designs we have in the store.
Just $4.99 for a 22"x30" sheet!

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