Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to: Fabric Banner (No Sew!)

Is there anything Mod Podge can't do? Margaret created this banner using a "Welcome" fabric panel from Wilmington's Harvest Abundance collection, multi-purpose fabric and some Mod Podge. Easy!

Crafted by Margaret
  • Fabric Panel
  • Multi Purpose Fabric
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • Craft Brush, 1" to 2"
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Wire, Ribbon or Cord for hanging
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun, Stapler or Sewing Machine (see step 1)
  • Optional: Craft Paint and Finials (for dowel ends)

Note: Make sure that the multi purpose fabric is wide, or wider than the panel. Also, the dowel should be 2"-4" wider than the top section of the panel. Banner can be displayed outside, protected from the elements.

1. First, make a channel for the dowel by folding down the top section of multi purpose fabric. Secure with Hot Glue, Stapling or Stitching (either by hand or with sewing machine)

2. Using the paint brush coat the top of the multi purpose fabric with Mod Podge.
Working in sections, slowly lay the fabric panel on top of the multi purpose fabric while the Mod Podge is wet.

3. Apply several coats, one at a time, to the top of the fabric panel. Allow to dry completely between coats. When dry, trim the excess fabric.

4. Decorate the dowel with paint or finial knobs and feed through channel. Add wire, ribbon or cord to dowel ends.

Hang and Enjoy!

If you would like to order designs from this fabric collection contact our Fabric Department (360)794-6745 Ex.121 - There is also a matching Apron Panel.

Check out our PROJECT GALLERY for more craft tutorials!


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