Thursday, May 24, 2018

Butter Slime Made With Crayola Model Magic

Summer vacations just got more fun with Model Magic from Crayola. The squishy, nontoxic modeling dough is a perfect addition to your slime creations!


Butter Slime recipe via

1. Pour ¾ cup of glue, 1/8 tsp of baking soda, and lotion into a bowl mixing well until all the components are completely mixed in.

2. Add contact solution in ½ tsp increments. Mix the contact solution in each time it is added until 3 tsp have been added or until the slime is easily coming off the bowl. It is important to not add too much contact solution to the slime mixture because it can cause the slime to become super stiff.

3. Once all the contact solution is added, your glue mixture should have a slime-like consistency.

4. In another bowl add ¼ cup of model magic and 1/8 cup of water and mix together until the model magic has started to dissolve and mixes well with the water. There may be excess water which is completely fine you will just add it to the overall mix.

5. Once you have both mixtures add them together either stirring or kneading them together until you have a smooth and well mixed slime.

6. To keep the slime from drying out keep it in a sealable plastic bag or air-tight container.


We have all the supplies you'll need to make slime this summer, so come in and pick up a new recipe and grab everything you'll want for your next SLIME TIME! Elmer's Glue in glitter, glow in the dark and traditional, slime ballz, glitters, how-to books, beads and much more are available at our Ben Franklin Crafts store in Monroe, WA.

If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you may want to get the Steve Spangler's Super Slime kits. You'll be able to create slimy work of art that turns into a real, dried sculpture! Kids will have hands-on fun while they learn about polymers and UV reactive formulas by mixing liquids. It makes a perfect batch every time!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 360-794-6745 ext. 0, or stop by and we'll be happy to help you.

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