Monday, March 27, 2017

Color Glass Blocks with Design Master TintIT Dye

If you have not used the Design Master® TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Spray Dye yet, we have an easy project for you to try it on!

Design Master TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye
Design Master TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye

Here are the supplies you'll need:
Glass Block (with hole on top)
TintIT Spray Dye
Self-Adhesive Vinyl Quote
Self-Adhesive Holographic Paper
Battery-Operated Craft Lights

In a well-ventilated area, spray the dye on your glass block. Follow manufacturer's instructions for application. Let dry.

Peel and stick the self-adhesive holographic paper to the front of the block. Then peel and stick your vinyl quote on top. Insert the battery-operated string of craft lights inside the block. Add a bow to finish it off!

Details about the Design Master TintIT Spray Dye: 
You will love the versatility of this multi-use transparent dye! Spray vibrant, sheer color on raw, painted or pre-finished items without hiding surface details. Control how you change color. Tint white surfaces the spray color, shift a surface color with a blending hue, or layer coats of spray to intensify color or to create an ombre effect. This aerosol dye won't smear or warp paper. It's perfect for coloring coated and uncoated paper stock, chipboard, canvas, Styrofoam™ brand foam, wood, fresh and silk flowers, fabrics, trims and much more.

All the supplies featured here are available at our Ben Franklin Crafts store in Monroe, WA. (while supplies last). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 360-794-6745 ext. 0, or stop by and we'll be happy to help you.

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