Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kids Summer Craft Camp 2014 - Fairy House

This year’s Kids Summer Craft Camp has been a success! We wanted to share with you what some of the campers made on Monday, July 21, 2014.

The project was “Fairy House” and the kids took a bare wood birdhouse and turned it into a fantasy sculpture. This is what happens when 6, 7 and 8 year old kids are turned loose with a model, some questions about fairies, (how they would make their houses, and what materials they would use) and given the materials to make their project.

With help from our camp counselor, Grayce Willard, and advice from Noni Cely, the designer, ten kids made their own versions of fairy houses or hobbit houses. I think you will be as impressed as we are by how well these turned out.

To sign up for future camps, click here or to learn more, visit our Kids webpage HERE.

- Mon. July 21 - Fri. July 24, 2014 (10am - 1pm)
- Mon. July 28 - Fri. August 1, 2014 (10am - 1pm)
- Mon. August 4 - Fri. August 8, 2014 (10am - 1pm)

WEEK: $80 (includes supplies). Join us for a 5-day week of summer crafting! Bring your own lunch.
DAY: $20 (includes supplies). You can sign up for a single day of camp for just $20. Look for the Single Day Camp listing HERE. Bring your own lunch.

Each week, kids will explore different media, (painting, construction, paper crafts, beading, needlecrafts, etc.). Each session will include learning a different magic trick, and creating something in the kitchen (such as sidewalk chalk paint, a bouncing ball, glitter slime and crayons).

Camp schedule:
10:00-10:20 group activity (drum circle, group storytelling, juggling, singing, etc.)
10:20-11:00 first craft
11:00-11:10 clean-up
11:10-11:30 game activity (interactive play)
11:30-12:00 lunch
12:00-12:40 second craft
12:40-12:50 clean-up
12:50-1:00 finish up and pack up crafts

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