Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Vintage Lace Frame

Would you ever have thought of decorating a frame with lace? Tracey stepped outside the box and created a unique look by simply adding lace to an unfinished frame. What a great idea!

Here's what you'll need...
1 - 15" x 13" Unfinished Frame
1 - 5" x 7" Photo
Aleene's® Fast Grab Tacky Glue™
Foam Brush
Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint (2 oz.)

Let's get started...
1. First remove the inside of the frame. Paint the entire frame with gold metallic acrylic paint. Allow this to dry completely.

2. Measure your lace to cover each front side of the frame and cut corners at an angle. You'll end up with 4 pieces. Note – it’s okay if your lace overlaps a little. This will help when you are gluing it together.

3. With your foam brush paint a thin coat of tacky glue on one section of the frame. (We suggest doing one section at a time). Attach your lace to the glue. If your lace is smaller you can apply it to just the center area. Our lace was very large so we glued it all the way around to the back of the frame. Your glue will dry clear so don’t worry if it is showing a little. Continue all four side with this method. Set aside and allow the glue to dry completely.

4. You can add embellishment to the top of the lace if desired. Now you can insert your photo and display your elegant frame.

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