Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Easter Bunny Paper Mache Cone and Tube

These adorable "Bunnies" are so easy to make that you could offer one to everyone in your family for Easter! Why not also give one to the kids' teachers, your neighbors and friends! Fill them with your favorite treats to add an extra sweetness to this fun craft project!

DIY Easter Bunny Paper Mache Cone and Tube - fill with your favorite treats!

Here's what you'll need:

• 10” Paper Maché Cone
• 7” Paper Maché Cone
• 4.5” Plastic Tube
• Pack of Googly Eyes
• Hole Punch
• Scrapbook Paper & Scissors
• Tacky Glue & Foam Brush
• Embellishments: Feathers, Felt, Pompom, White Twine (for the bunny's whiskers), Ribbon, String Beads, Button and Paper Grass.

Supplies needed: Paper Mache Cone and Plastic Tube

1. Use your foam brush to apply tacky glue to the outside of the cone. Wrap the scrapbook paper around the cone making a point at the top with your paper. Cut the extra paper off. Use the bottom of the cone as a guide to cut the paper straight.

2. Once the paper is dry on the cone, punch two holes, opposite side, 1/2” down from the large opening of the cone. These will be used to attach your ribbon.

3. It's now time to add embellishments to the cone! Refer to our models for inspiration. Use tacky glue to adhere the feathers, felt, pompom, eyes and twine. Allow to dry. Tie about 6” to 8” of ribbon from one hole to the other.

4. For this part you make want the kids to help out. Fill the cone with the paper grass and your favorite goodies!

1. Cut a piece of paper 4.5” x 4.5". Use your foam brush to apply tacky glue to the outside of the tube.  Wrap the paper around the tube. Once it's completely dry, add the embellishments. We used 2 shovel die cuts to make the bunny's ears and 2 band-aid die cuts to make the bunny's feet. Those can also be glued on using tacky glue.

Be creative when making these. They don't need to look like ours, just use your imagination and have fun!

Bunny Paper Mache Cone and Bunny Plastic Tube

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