Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tutorial: Seattle Seahawks Fabric Memo Board

Sara from our sister store in Bonney Lake created this Seahawks Memo Board - this would be the perfect way to keep track of fall schedules and your Seahawks schedule and game tickets!

Here are the supplies you'll need:

• 18" x 24" Canvas
• Seahawks Fabric, 24" x 30"
• White Satin Ribbon
• Grey Satin Ribbon
• Green Buttons
• Navy Blue Floss + Needle
• Manual Staple Gun + Staples
• T Pins
• Scissors
• Thumbtacks
• Glue

Let's get started...

1. Iron the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles. Pin your fabric in place on the canvas to make it easier to work with. Turn over to the back side. This is the side where you'll staple the fabric in place.

2. Start by stapling the center top and then the center bottom. Next, staple the top left, then the top right, bottom left and then bottom right, pulling tight as you work. Fold corners, pull tight and staple to make a neat and flat edge.

3. Attach the white ribbon by stapling from diagonal top and bottom corners. Cut ends.

4. Now attach (with the stapler) two silver ribbons diagonally from the middle, one going to the middle left and the other to the middle right. Cut off the extra ribbon. Repeat this from the bottom with the silver ribbon in two diagonal strips, weaving under the white ribbon.

5. For buttons, glue a thumbtack in the center of the intersecting white and silver ribbon. Glue a button threaded with navy floss to the thumbtack.

6. For other crossed ribbons, use a needle and tie the buttons with the navy floss at the center of the intersecting ribbons. Trim away any excess fabric and ribbon.

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