Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY Deco Mesh Flower Wreath Tutorial

Once you learn how to make this beautiful deco mesh flower wreath, you'll want to make one for every season. Anyone that passes by this stunning wreath will be amazed that you created it yourself. We have many colors of mesh, so the possibilities are endless.

Here are the supplies you'll need...
18” Metal Wreath Form
21” x 10 yard Deco Mesh in Purple and Green
Pack of Chenille Stems in Purple and Green
Pair of Scissors and 12” Ruler
Aleene Fast Grab Tacky Glue
3 Pack of 2” Black Pom Poms (for the flower center) 

Deco Mesh comes in a great selection of colors!

Let's get started...
1 . Take your scissors and cut each chenille stems into 1/3 parts. Leave 4 of them full length to use for the center. Take one of the full size chenille stems and cross the center of the wreath, attaching the stem to both side of the center ring. Then take a second chenille stem and attach it to the opposite sides…..having a web-look effect in the center. Repeat 2 more times. This project will need to be filled in the center with petals and we need a place to attach our petals later. It’s just easier to place the chenille stems now before we start attaching the deco mesh.

2. Take your deco mesh (green) and cut 10 1/2” x 10 1/2” squares. Take the two corners from opposite ends and bring them together diagonally. Follow the natural curve of the mesh. Pinch. Attach a chenille stem in the center where you're pinching. 

Cut 10.5 x 10.5 squares of deco mesh to create the leaves and petals.

Bring 2 corners diagonally together and attach with a chenille stem.

Your petal/leaf is ready to be tied onto the metal wreath.

3. With your chenille stem already on your folded mesh piece attach to the outer ring of the metal wreath. Once secure, bring both ends of the deco mesh together towards the outside. Continue making the green pieces and attach all the way around the outer ring. You have just created your leaves! Use this same method with the purple deco mesh and work your way around the two inner rings to create your petals. Make sure to also add some petals to the center web-like structure we created earlier in step 1.

4. Next you'll glue a black pompom to one end of a chenille stem. Pinch and hold until the glue is dry. Tie the free end (without the pompom) of the chenille stem to the center of your wreath. Repeat with all pompoms.  It's now ready to hang! Enjoy!

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