Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Seahawks American Doll Tutu

Does your little girl have the Seahawks fever? This American Girl outfit is sure to be a hit. 

Now the littlest fans can show their Seahawks excitement with this easy-to-make Seahawks tulle skirt and shirt! Easy to make for the American Girl doll or for themself! Come in to our Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop store in Monroe, WA, and we'll show you how to make it!

Here are basic instructions on how to make a Tulle Skirt or Tutu:

You'll need tulle. The amount of tulle depends on the length of the skirt and how full you would like it to be. You'll also need Elastic. The amount will depend on the child or doll's waist and length measurements.

1. Measure the waist of the child and cut the elastic to the measured length, adding 1 inch. To secure the elastic, you can overlap the ends to sew or tie it in a knot. The extra inch will allow you to secure the elastic without affecting the size of the skirt.

2. Measure how long you want the tulle to be and double the length. So, if you want the tulle to measure 10" below the waist, you will cut the tulle into 20" strips. The next steps will explain why.

3. Fold the tulle in half and place the loop behind the elastic. Pull the tails of the tulle through the loop to secure it to the elastic. The knot should appear on the outside of the elastic. If you are using more than one color, be sure to alternate the colors or textures to create the desired look.

Pull the tulle tails through the loop to secure.

4. Repeat step 3 until the skirt is complete. This no-sew procedure allows you to add, interchange, or remove the tulle at any time. The more tulle you place onto the elastic, the fuller it will be. For a tutu, you will want the strips of tulle to be shorter in length. Keep in mind that if the child is very active, playing, and jumping, the knots will loosen up. Therefore, make sure to tighten them once in a while.

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