Monday, April 30, 2012

How to: Starbella Knit Ruffle Scarf

Starbella is a unique "yarn" that's really a piece of net. You can use it as it comes from the ball in tape form, or open up the tape and knit or crochet with the loops across the top. We will be using the second method to create this beautiful scarf.

  • Starbella Yarn, 1-2 balls
  • US 7 Knitting Needles
  • Optional: Yarn Needle, Sewing Needle and Thread, Gauge


Finished Measurements:
One-Ball scarf measures approximately
4” wide and 44” long. Two-Ball scarf measures approximately 4” wide and 88” long.

  1. Cast on 8 stitches as follows: Pull out a length of yarn and open it up; insert right needle into each loop along top edge, working from back to front.
  2. One-ball scarf: Knit across each row until 1 yard of yarn remains. Bind off all stitches.
  3. Two-ball scarf: Knit across each row until first ball of yarn is used, ending at end of row. Join second ball and continue to work until 1 yard of yarn remains. Bind off all stitches.
Finishing  -Weave in ends. Because this yarn is actually netting, you may prefer to use an optional sewing needle and thread to secure ends; trim close to stitching.
*Update* Watch the video tutorial to make this scarf!

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  1. Oh, these knit up so nice and easy! I myself have done quite a few and...I'm not a knitter. You get this beautiful scarf for a reasonable price that you can WOW your friends with. I have been stopped in many times and asked where I bought it, love Starbella!!

  2. I to have done several scarfs with this yarn and am definitely going to take a shot at making skirts for my granddaughters....but the price of the yarn above is over the top...the most I have paid is $4.99..

    1. This yarn is so easy to work with, it's a great one for beginning knitters too. I know our price is a little higher than the "Big Box" stores. You can trust that any purchase made at our store benefits our local economy directly. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. do you have the instructions for crocheting this scarf, for those of us who don't know how to knit?

    1. check out for a video on crocheting with starbella yarn.

  4. I've just began knitting this scraf is it normal for the loops to be kinda loose?

    1. yes the loops at the beginning are always loose and will become less so as you continue to knit.

  5. I'm an advanced knitter and I can't even get started with this. When I knit the second row, it's like it's knitting on top of the previous row. What am I doing wrong ??

    1. Good morning, we have forwarded your question to our Knitting Manager. We'll get back to you soon.

    2. It may have to do with the way it was cast on. for starbella yarn to cast on all you have to do is slide on the appropriate number of loops on your needle, turn as you do with regular knitting and start knitting. The knitting part is a little different as you actually place the next loop on your right needle and pull it through the loop on the left needle and drop the loop off the left needle, new loop is now on the right needle. since your loops are already made in the yarn needle size and gauge aren't terribly important.

  6. I was just in your store yesterday and you do not have all these colors. Are you restocking by any chance and if not where can I get a better choice of colors?

    1. We can check at our other location to see if they have the colors you're looking for. Was there something in particular you were hoping to find? This blog post is from 2 years ago. Our merchandise changes regularly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    2. Our other store has 3 rolls of the blue/brown. Their store is located in Bonney Lake, WA. Here's their phone number if you decide you'd like these: 253-862-6822. Thank you for your patience!

      p.s. We will delete the picture of the colors from this post since we do not carry those colors anymore.